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Hear are some of the things people are saying about our toffee:




"Almond Roca, you got some serious competition!" - A. Vu


"That was without any exaggeration the best toffee I have ever had in my life. This coming from a guy with a sweet tooth who's tried a lot of toffee" - S. Jacob

"Y'all this paleo toffee that a friend gave me today is TO DIE FOR!"





"Seriously the best toffee I've ever had. Hands down." - J. Abraham

"You cannot imagine this deliciousness. It's THE BEST toffee I've ever had. Might have something to do with the great ingredients!" - Sharon F.

"Let me say this toffee from @avaspremiumtoffee is some of the best toffee I've ever had. My entire family loves it." - Scott W.

"!!!Just tasted it!! Hyperventilating..Soooo good! Best toffee I've ever had" - Stacy A

"Best toffee ever! #getinmybelly" - Isaac M.

" I'm going to live on this from now on! Loved it!"- T. Stauffer

"This toffee is so good I had to stop myself from eating the whole box! " - Andrea P.

"It is the best Toffee ever. Thank you so much for the wonderful and special Mother's Day gift.!" - Barbara Walters

"It truly is the worlds best... Can't thank you enough for the wonderful Mothers Day treat!! It was awesome and greatly appreciated!" - Debbie P.